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Tutorial Woolfelt Pet-by S.M(Sally和猫爷)

Tutorial Woolfelt Pet-by S.M(Sally和猫爷)

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Sally和猫爷 Studio
About "US"
Our Studio was founded in 2022. We closed our shop and changed to a handmade/DIY online shop(Livestream), the first video was published in May 2021 and received orders in June, Rely on the Red Book platform to reach more than 100,000 in the first three months of the order. Fan volume of over 90,000 in one year (Red Book, TikTok, WeChat Channel, etc.)

Sally和猫爷 Studio is committed to customizing wool felt simulation pets and online class teaching for quality customers. Provide students with skills in teaching, marketing guidance, traffic support, new media operation, live e-commerce, video production, and editing.
The following is our project, enjoy

About Course content
Contains the following 3 styles (cats+dog) teaching videos (the course is constantly updated...)

  1. The Trial Package is 1 style of short hair( Gray+White color)
  2. Tabby Short Hair (mixed color)
  3. Persian cat (long-haired mix color)
  4. Taddy dog cream color
    All courses are permanently preserved for unlimited viewing and learning. After class, help with homework permanently, Student group learning, until you can create on your own. One pay lifetime guided learning.


  1. The Toold Set will be delivered Within One Week, and it will not be returned or replaced if there is no quality problem.
  2. The course is 1-4 styles long, which will be updated according to the actual situation...
  3. The Course is recording online videos, plus joining International student's group

The following three core contents
1. All shorthair cats can be made in two styles. They are tile color and hair planting style. For example, we can do the following two varieties of flat color, hair planting models, and can change the production style according to the customer's budget.

2. All hair-planting works, regardless of long hair or short hair, do not need scissors. For beginners, trimming hair is not friendly, there is a high probability that it will be cut, which is the skill of professional beauticians. The method I developed does not require scissors to trim, and the extra two steps in the process can make the whole cat's hair feel airy and light, and this fuzzy texture is impossible to cut.

3. Each student will enjoy the group tutoring besides online class. I will correct your mistakes by drawing pictures. Targeted guidance is the key to teaching content.

Pics from students as below:

Market prospect
1. In the past two years, the pet economy has developed in a spurt, and pet peripheral products are popular.
2. By 2021, there will be more than 100 million pet-raising families in China, but it is conservatively estimated that there will be 1,000 wool-felt custom designers in the country.
3. Mature hands are in short supply after at least half a year.
4. Blue Ocean industry without price war.


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