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Customize Wool-Felt Pet by Sally和猫爷

Customize Wool-Felt Pet by Sally和猫爷

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Project Process

Step 1:

Make sure the style of your pet is with me on my email:;  (**) the percentage required paid before starting the project. 

Step 2: Pls send us pics with the front of your pet's face and side as well (Sample Pic 1-2)

Step 3: We will confirm your order before delivery and the rest of the payment (within 3-4weeks after the order)

Size:  Cat: between 9~15cm, with Photo Frame: between 20~25cm

Dog head size: 8 Inch (Around)

All depends on the handmade result

My Projects for our customers are below and the videos etc.


DIY/wool felt pets are handmade; please ensure your pics are with us.

All Pruducts so far are head or with feet style, Talk to me if you need an extra whole body style of them.

The wool felt/handmade products would not be returned or replaced without a quality problem!

More information about Sally:


WhatsApp: +86 191 4789 2779


TikTok UK Channel:sallywu_diy


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